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Project 4187

Project 4187 was conceptualized in 2018, by Kathleen Alcorn, upon listening to a keynote speaker at the Global Cyber Security Initiative (GCSI) annual conference in Chicago. The keynote spoke in depth about the hacking of infrastructures and has given invaluable feedback to the premise of Project 4187.

Project 4187 is a global approach to STE/A/M learning to establish the state of Illinois as a central and logistical core hub of emerging talent to prepare sustainable talent and workforce development for emerging technologies to support government systems and agencies in P3 partnerships and interests. As Project 4187 has progressed, the initiatives branched out globally.

The premise of Project 4187, is to address a series of real world issues, problems, or resource development, specific to each community. Buckets include gang / gun violence, infrastructure, telecom, renewable energy, homelessness, affordable housing, accessibility, mental health, opioid crisis, climate crisis, labor trades and workforce development, health care, domestic preparedness through combat zone health care training, blockchain, smart cities, law enforcement, disaster recover relief, and homeland security.

Focus age is students in junior high and high school, who may not otherwise be given opportunities to exceed and excel. Such students may be in underserved rural or economically depressed areas, or they may be lacking of a foundation for a positive familial support system, However, Project 4187 is open to all students with a drive and ambition to become a global leader and advocate in the future of using technology to make this world a better place.

Students will be given an opportunity to take collegiate level technology based classes. Students will then be challenged to use the knowledge gained in those classes to address an issue specific to their neighborhoods / communities and to develop a testable solution using technology. Based upon the success of those projects, students will gain further access to additional sponsored collegiate technology based classes and tracks to be applied towards their college degrees.

Those students will then become peer mentors for the next round of students coming through the program. They will also become teachers (guided by the class instructors) to new students which shall reinforce their knowledge base and to learn effective communication.

Project 4187 is a leadership program to establish a two generation base of positive, technology based, problem solving, community focused innovators. ATOLLetc LLC is always looking for civic minded corporate and college / university collaborators to sponsor the education for the students involved in this program and to broaden the scope of positive and safe mentorships.

Please contact Kathleen Alcorn at for the white paper and more information.

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