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ATOLLetc LLC is engaged in several humanitarian initiatives to benefit the World. Ethics, sustainability and long range planning are vital factors in safe-guarding future climates in all subject areas. Such efforts begin at home.

A very thorough and introspective approach is given to collaborators, in their interests, opinions, and how their personal beliefs and actions translate into what they project into a business model. Our collaborators are visionaries and doers. And our approach, while often in smaller test batches, is always global.

Mundi is the Latin word for “The World.” Learn more about our initiatives below.


Kathleen Alcorn conceptualized Project 4187 in 2018 after listening to a keynote talk about the hacking of infrastructures. Although its initial intent was to secure the state of Illinois as a logistical core hub for youth workforce development, the interest has been international.

The number one priority for Project 4187, has been to expose inner city students to high level courses in emerging technologies. The students involved in the program, will then be tasked in helping to define the future of law enforcement, as it impacts their communities, using the technologies learned.

The issue of citizens and law enforcement both lacking a sense of safety, finally gained outside interest in the fall of 2019, at the Government Blockchain Association conference in Washington, DC, where Kathleen Alcorn, Founder of ATOLLetc LLC, spoke regarding public safety issues. Issues included the lack of regulation on emerging technologies, particularly in cryptocurrencies and the legalization of cannabis, and why the proactive approach of programs such as Project 4187 are so essential. This conversation led her to another speaker in the same track, who has developed a blockchain and AI based app, that resolves the ethics issues that Kathleen weighed heavily upon in the use of certain technologies, for the purpose of public safety. This event led to further collaborations with like-minded entrepreneurs in the start-up realm.

Please contact Kathleen at, for more information.

MHTF | The Mental Health Task Force. The MHTF was conceptualized in response to mass and school shootings, as well as to be responsible stewards of that which we do not fully understand: emerging technologies. The Mental Health Task Force is meant to create an educational resource for Communication, Intelligence, Empathy, Emotion, and Empowerment for all primary and secondary students.

The MHTF is an initiative of ATOLLetc LLC, and will require the expertise of educators and mental health professionals to fully define and develop. It was originally introduced in 2020 as Illinois HB 5852 (Welch, Hoffman). It has been refiled as an amendatory bill during Illinois 102nd General Assembly, as HB 212.

Please find profile frames, supporting the cause on Facebook, by using the search: MHTF.

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Kathleen Alcorn is a volunteer member of ATII’s Cryptocurrency Consortium, which meets virtually twice a month. Kathleen’s involvement has been one of the many motivators behind creating the MHTF | Mental Health Task Force.

ATII | The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative is a global organization, comprised of a coalition of experteers, including cybercrime and crypto-forensics analysts. Kathleen Alcorn came into contact with ATII, after meeting another speaker, who is one of the pioneers in crypto-forensics, who also presented in the same public safety track during the September 2019 Government Blockchain Association conference in Washington, DC.

Human Trafficking is not specific to any country, age, gender, race, religion, or class. Human Traffickers target children, adults, and all genders. It exists everywhere. It is in your hometown. Teenagers are often coerced into “catfishing” or finding other victims within their physical peers. Ignoring this issue is not a solution. Educating your children is a solid proactive approach.

Law enforcement is an integral part of public safety. The future depends on incoming youth to take charge and define that landscape. Cybercrime and crypto-forensics are professions that are leading that path. If you or your child is interested in learning about this use of technology to truly save the world, please contact Kathleen Alcorn at or Dr. Sam Graber at about ATII internships and volunteer opportunities. Founder & CEO,, can help your company lead in innovative #UNSDGs by incorporating anti-human trafficking initiatives and support into your ESG goals.