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Our Team

COO . Chief Operating Officer

ATOLLetc LLC is always open to partnering with other entities providing a product or service that is premised upon protecting the safety, soundness and future of people throughout the world.

Contact the COO of Atolletc LLC with your concerns, ideas and goals at:

Kathleen Alcorn . Founder . Technical Director

Kathleen Alcorn, is a federal lobbyist and civil servant. Atolletc LLC was established upon a diverse legislative and regulatory background in government, NGOs, and the private sectors. Additional subject matter expertise includes emerging technologies, disruptive markets, and smart city futures. Kathleen is an advocate of Blockchain technology, specifically to protect the safety and soundness of the public.

Kathleen is directly involved in the creation of several global STE/A/M (STEM + Arts) focused initiatives. One of which is with the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) – AFRICA, as an advisor in the development of blockchain schools in underserved countries.

Kathleen partners and collaborates with many teams on large-scale projects, including Assured Performance Systems, Inc (APS, Inc.), and the Center for Infrastructure and Society (CIS). She is a volunteer for the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII), as a member of the Cryptocurrency Consortium.

Kathleen is a public speaker, specializing in but not limited to Regulation, Data Analytics, Technology in Construction, Smart Cities, Ethics in Technology, Data Privacy, and of course, all things Blockchain.

Connect with Kathleen via email at or on LinkedIn.

Photo credit: Kyle Beachy